ValenTile - The Valencia Classic

ValenTile : The classic look of traditional valencia tiles is reborn in ValenTile the latest longrun step roofing system from Amcan. Its distinct weather-proof features and excellent spanning capability are ideal for residential, commercial and refurbishment projects.

Colour : Available in a wide range of new high quality Yodo Colours, conforming to JIS and ASTM Standards with double- coated and double-baked systems which ensure years of new and aesthetic appearance, and protection.

Lightweight : For an average ValenTile roof area of 225m2, the loading weight on the building is only approximately 1 metric ton as compared to approximately 5 metric ton when using traditional concrete or clay tiles on the same area. (i.e. Given the same roof area, its loading weight on a building is only about one fifth of that of traditional tile).

Strong, Durable and Reliable : ValenTile’s high-tensile zinc/aluminium zinc coated steel, manufactured using the superior Amcan Colour Coating System, enhances its roofing strength and protection against corrosion under severe tropical weather conditions and marine environments.

Watertight : The triple anticapillary drains on the under lapping side provide 100% protection from water penetration between laps of roofing sheet.

Zero Maintenance : ValenTile’s maintenance – free feature saves you the hassles of repairs.

AmcanColors Series

Wide range of colour options with different functions and materials

High Performance Polyester

Super Durable Thermal Control

Super Durable 3D In Colour

Super Durable PVdF