Clipdeck W710


Amcan Clipdeck W710 is the latest addition to our existing range of Clipdeck profiles.

The uniquely patent embossed rib is the additional advantage for firm grip to the fastened clip and acts as additional strength performance to the rib structure even for any thickness below 0.48mm.

Designed with a wider profile in width and a rib height of 33mm, Clipdeck W710 is consider as one of the best concealed fastened clip systems of our existing range of concealed fastening profiles for its uniqueness.

It is perfect for residential houses, commercial buildings including factories with low-pitch and long span of roofing requirements.

Our added benefit is this roll-forming machine is containerized and very convenient for relocation to different areas of any job-site. As such eliminates double-handling and easier mobilization over long distance.

Material Specification

AMCAN CLIPDECK W710 is made from premium (GL) 55% AI-Zn Alloy Coated Steel. Material Steel Grade is G550 (550 Mpa minimum yield stress)

Installation Methods

Step 1

Position the first clip and fasten to a support. Align and fasten the remaining clips to each support using a string line. Make sure that the clips are positioned and aligned according to the diagram above.

Step 2

Position the first sheet longitudinally in relation to the shutter overhang and locate it over the fastened run of clips. Place the center rib first, and engage the center end female rib onto all the clips by foot pressure.

Step 3

Position and fasten the next run of clips to each support as per diagram shown.

Step 4

Place the second sheet over the second run of clips, again positioning the center rib first. A string line stretched across the bottom alignment of the sheets can be used to check that the end of the sheets are in line.

Profile Properties

Maximum Purlins Support (Center To Center)

Maximum Allowable Roof Length (m)

Sprung Curving

As AMCAN Clipdeck W710 uses high tensile steel (G550-550MPa), minimum radius for sprung curving is commended to be 40m.

Job-Site Rollforming Concept

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