Amcan Performance Roofs

Elevate Your Roofing Experience: Unmatched  Comfort, Efficiency, and Tranquility

Experience the epitome of roofing excellence with our integrated thermal insulation, creating a fortress against heat and reducing cooling expenses. U-Value and R-Value metrics signify our commitment to unparalleled energy efficiency.

Embrace tranquillity with our roofing solutions designed for optimal Sound Transmission Class (STC) performance. Meticulously crafted with specialised materials and construction methods, our roofing system guarantees a strong shield against unwanted outside noise, ensuring the peace of mind you deserve.

Amcan roofing solutions redefine excellence, offering unrivalled comfort, energy efficiency, and tranquillity in a single package. Transform your indoor space into a haven of unparalleled peace and contentment with our cutting-edge technology.


U-Value, or thermal transmittance, gauges heat movement through a structure due to temperature gaps. This signifies how well insulation impedes the transfer of heat between an interior and an exterior building. Lower U-Values signify superior insulation, where insulating performance of how heat flow or heat loss occurs in the roofing insulation.  


R-Value is a gauge of insulation’s ability to hinder heat transfer. A higher R-Value denotes better insulation, effectively thermal resistance of other building envelope materials, It quantifies how performance a material prevents heat from passing through by reflection, aiding in energy management strategies and facilitating improved thermal performance inside buildings.

STC Value

In our pursuit of roofing excellence, we recognize the crucial role of noise control. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is the standardised rating used to compare the ability of an assembly to resist noise, a serene living or working environment. The established STC rating system assesses a solution’s effectiveness in attenuating speech sound transmission within the frequency range of 125–4000 Hz from one space to another.