• Paint performance warranty for 12 years
  • Coated metal performance warranty for 25 years

* Warranty terms and conditions applied

A colourful world - Let DuraTex inspired you

Wrinkles add character!

The DURATEX brand is a textured surface that ensures the same look, even with a low gloss finish, regardless of the angle from which it is observed.

This ensures our textured coatings are quite different from the conventional flat finishes often used for manufacturing metal roofs, making them more visually attractive and increasing their appeal to architects and property developers.

DuraTex also offers an exciting alternative for cladding and interior finishes. We are convinced that designers will be eager to exploit the obvious aesthetic and commercial potential of these new textured products in increasingly demanding markets.

A new colour collection developed according to the latest trends:

The “In Motion” palette has been based upon the meeting of different worlds, the rituals and the traditions and how you blend them together. Various cultures, and especially their dances, have been the inspiration for the names of the shades.


The “In Water” range has strives to capture water’s effects and moods, finding the fluid poetic guidelines from the calm yet temperamental ocean, the river, the sandbank, the lake, the creek, the pond and reef. An everlasting effervescent wave of seaweed, sea salt and freshness. This palette has been created trying to capture how colours are affected below water, when a ray of sun breaks and glistens, how the surface mirrors the sky and how a wave crashes.

The “In Darkness” collection has been based upon mankind’s instinctive and spiritual nature taking the upper hand over the intellectual one. This palette captures the rough, raw and undefined objects exploring man’s subconscious and futuristic visions.

Available in standard colours for roofing:


Amani Red


Amani Black


Amani Grey