AmTruss LGS Framing System

Amcan Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems

World Leading LGS & Green Building Technologies From USA

Amcan LGS Framing Systems are custom designed and fabricated including its complex operations software systems to design, model and view in 3D format.

Our Framing Systems generates CAM NC file and manipulate CAD data into an optimized machine-ready file. It formats production groups and sequences, as well as complex punching operations, such as dimpling, web notching and screw holes for automated assembly. It also directs accurate and dynamic inkjet printing for vital parts identification and positioning.

Our Framing Machine is equipped with state of the art servo motor and world’s leading hydraulic accumulator techniques; fully integrated design to production of LGS framing system that delivers high productivity, top quality and accurate output for our valued customers.

Providing these services to our potential clients in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner, Amcan is utilizing Australian Cold Forming Technology and technically in collaboration with the widely acclaimed International Quality Award BM Trade Certification of ISO 9001:2000.

Hence with the combinations of the above arrangement, we are able to provide and deliver engineering solutions to individuals, commercial and government sectors throughout Malaysia.

Light Gauge Steel Frame members can serve as both primary and secondary structures. An example of the Light Gauge Steel Framing used as primary structures is the webbed trusses. Steel studs can also act as secondary structures by providing lateral support to the exterior wall finishes.

CAD Design

Dimensionally Stable

Quality Control

Cost Effective

Pets Resistant

Fast Intallation


Fire Resistant

A Viable Alternative Building Solution

The advent of Amcan LGS Framing construction techniques to create structurally sound dwellings in Malaysia is one of the most exciting developments in recent times even though this method of building has been utilized in the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for decades.

Our Machine is capable of producing C-profile Steel Studs from 75mm to 150mm from a gauge range of 0.48mm to 1.5mm interface between computer-based design and computer-controlled manufacturing on the structural wall frames, floor joists and roof trusses which ensure that all elements of the buildings conform to the designer’s plans and also allow optimum design freedom.

  • Residential Housing and Multi-Storey Apartment Buildings
  • Labour and Staff Accommodation Facilities
  • Portable Cabins and Modulax Buildings
  • Partitions for Commercial and Industrial Constructions

Your success with your project!

  1. With Amcan LGS, you have succesfully ventured into a future building system for today, which will be 300% faster than any other available building construction systems.
  2. At least 20% more cost effective than any other building systems in today’s market.
  3. LEED certified 100% Green Building Systems.

Why Steel Framing?

The benefits of steel framing and building materials over traditional products are quite substantial.

  • Because steel is a processed material rather than organic, it is straight, uniform and consistent in quality
  • Steel will not shrink, split or warp, resulting in fewer call-backs for nail pops or split seams in gypsum board
  • High strength to weight ratio can mean fewer framing members, lowering materials and labor costs
  • Steel can work independently or easily combine with other structural systems
  • Equivalent steel framing sticks can weight up to 50% less than wood
  • Steel framing lightens structures, which can reduce the foundation requirements
  • Steel in 100% recyclable
    Steel is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood
  • The average wood-frame home produces significantly more landfill waste compared to steel framing