Amcan Industrial Building System (IBS)

With the combination of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Framing and  Patented Concrete Panel System, Amcan is the first company in Sarawak to offer the Industrial Building System (IBS) for an innovative building construction solution.

Experience streamlined construction processes through cutting-edge technology. Amcan LGS Framing System, driven by intelligent software, offers tailor-made structures and precise 3D models. This significantly reduces labor costs, fast installation, and expedites project timelines, resulting in substantial cost savings for contractors and clients alike.

Amcan Concrete Panel System is the patented tongue and groove locking designed concrete panel where ensure precision and ease during installation. This advanced design not only expedites construction timelines but also provides unwavering stability for various building requirements. The concrete panel is prepared computerized mixer to ensure the consistency of the mixing grade, weight and durability of the product. It is designed to achieve a comprehensive strength of 22MPa to 25MPa in seven days.