Dreams that don't fade

  • Paint performance warranty for 15 years
  • Coated metal performance warranty for 25 years

* Warranty terms and conditions applied

Cityscapes are constantly evolving. Buildings have become expressions of art, ideas and aspirations. Building construction requirements and materials have evolved to meet new specifications.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVdF) is the coating of the future. This amazing architectural coating – applied by coil coating or spraying, lends beauty and design flexibility and yet ensures durability.

DuraFluor protects the underlying substrates even in harsh conditions, resulting in prolonged lifespans of the facades.

DuraFluors meets international specifications AAMA 2605 for superior performing inorganic coatings applied to architectural products.

When the success of your project counts on quality, you can count on DuraFluor to deliver.

DuraFluor coatings system uses lisenced Kynar and Hylar PVDF Fluoropolymer technology which is ultra resistant to U.V. radiation and natural weathering. DuraFluor uses only the highest quality long lasting ceramic and metallic pigmentation to insure optimal esterior colour fastness and longevity. This system also available in multiple coats and various specialty high build systems.