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  • Coated metal performance warranty for 25 years

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DuraTherm's 3 actions

Lowering the temperature

In the current trend, dark colours are highly sought after, although they often absorb a substantial amount of the sun’s energy. DuraTherm offers solutions that specify such shades and reduce the heat absorbed at the same time. Furthermore, the reduction in exterior surface temperature will help reduce the impact of the building on the urban heat island effect improving quality of life.

Reducing energy consumption

DuraTherm optimising energy reflection properties from the solar spectrum and reduces air-conditioning consumption when used in construction (cladding, roofing, etc) and reduces the carbon footprint, providing an economical and ecological solution.

Providing material durability

By maintaining a lower surface temperature of buildings, DuraTherm reduces thermal tension in the metal, thereby increasing durability and product lifetimes of the structure.

Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) of the DuraTherm range of shades compared with the standard range

Solar Reflectance is expressed as the fraction of the incident solar energy which is reflected by the surface in the three areas of the solar spectrum (Ultra-violet, visible and infra red).

As a case in point, when the TSR is 100%, it signifies that the product reflects all incident solar energy across every area of the solar spectrum.

KLIA2 Project roof construction in progress, Sepang.
Yodo Zip-65 & S25 Yodo Standing Seam profiles.

Quantitative proof

Laboratory tests prove the efficiency of DuraTherm: the surface temperature of a standard paint reaches 80°C by adjusting the distance between a shortwave NIR lamp and the panel. The reduction in surface temperature of the DuraTherm coated panel is then established by measuring at exactly the same distance.

DuraTherm reduce the temperature by about 10°C

Solar load is an increasingly important part of envelope design in many areas. Solar load can be moderated by judicious choice of external coatings. Poor choice of coatings can raise the temperature of a roofing barrier by tens of degrees, needlessly adding to the solar load on the building.

As studies cited in the web sites listed on this page have shown, metal roofing gives good thermal control in hot climates providing it is painted, and providing the paint is optimized for solar reflection.

When this was first realized a few years ago, white paint was seen as the answer although glare and dirt pick-up are problems. More recently, it was found that, like white titanium dioxide, some of the new coloured inorganic “ceramic” pigments also reflected well in the near infrared and had some thermal control properties.

Amcan’s DuraTherm “Cool Roof” systems showed that improvements could be made to:

  • reduce coating cost
  • improve thermal control across the whole spectrum for greater energy savings
  • widen the colour palette, in particular to provide darker, more traditional roofing colours
  • provide thermal control in both hot and cold environments for further savings in operating costs.

As a result, Amcan with the supports of Swedish Researchers on how coil coatings can do more to improve thermal comfort, reduce environment impacts and, most importantly, save construction and operating costs.

Many studies have been published by research, regulatory and industrial bodies including:

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (DOE Cool Roof Calculator)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

U.S. EPA Energy Star

Cool Roof Rating Council

Cool Metal Roofing Coalition

Roof Consultant Institute

Premium 55% AI-Zn Alloy Coated Steel in Amcan Colour Coating Process

Clean & Fresh Technology

Durather’s revolutionary self-cleaning paint system acts as a barrier.

To prevent dirt from adhering and then embedding into the paint fill The coating surface also helps to disperse the water effectively. Hence any loose dirt particles are easily washed off by the wind and rain, keeping the coating clean and the colour looking fresh.

Radiation & Thermal Control

Solar radiation falls at varying intensities across a range of wavelengths:

About 5% of solar energy that hits the earth does so as destructive UV light – this means that coatings need to be as transparent as possible to UV.

Around 45% of solar energy falls as visible light and is absorbed or reflected by the coating.

We see the reflected light as the colour and brightness of the surface.

Approximately 50% of solar energy is in the near infrared region.

This, too, is partially reflected or absorbed. The absorbed energy heats the coating which then re-emits part of this energy in the longer wave length thermal infrared.

The remainder is conducted into the body of the roof.

This is what happens when solar radiation hits a roof on a hot day:

Solar energy which is not reflected, re-emitted or carried away by convection currents is conducted into the interior.

If absorbed heat is not re-emitted efficiently externally, the roof temperature rises so that more heat is transmitted internally and conducted through to the interior surface.

The interior organic coating will behave like the exterior coating when the conducted energy from outside meets it. The coating will first absorb the energy and then re-emit it into the inside of the room as energy in the thermal or mid infrared region.

The greater the heat flux into the interior, the harder air conditioning must
work to maintain a steady temperature.

DuraTherm thermal control coil coatings provide a cost-effective solution to the problem of thermal energy transfer in metal clad structure.

DuraTherm reduces costs of air conditioning and heating, improves thermal comfort and, in certain jurisdictions, may qualify for rebates.

DuraTherm benefits the environment through reduced consumption of fossil fuels, reduced peak energy loadings, reduced "heat-island" effect and increased product lifetime.

DuraTherm offers architects and designers a wide palette of solar reflective colours.

Who can deliver energy savings yet at the same time provide a ready made, good looking and durable solution?

Architects can now equipped to manage energy in buildings.

The aesthetic, thermal and economical qualities of DuralTherm result in long lasting and durable thermal control cladding, roofing, doors and shutters.

Discover the solution which will not only improve heat regulation and reduce air conditioning cost and fossil fuel consumption but also add colour and original design to the landscape.