AmTruss Roofing System

Versatile and Light Weight

55% Al -Zn Alloy

Coated Steel Roof Truss System

Our system undertakes a complete solution from designing conceptual stage, material production, and fabrication to actual site installation.

Our trusses are made of high tensile (GL) 55% Al-Zn Alloy Coated Steel which are designed by our engineers using computerized software under the latest design code.

In order to cater for a vast majority of engineer’s requirements, we can accommodate the request to design in various design codes, such as Australian Standard (AS), British Standard (BS) & European Code (EU) while adhering to Malaysia Uniform Building By-Laws.

We adhere to our strict manufacturing process to ensure accuracy and quality control. Our system compliances ensure high standards and fulfil all required certifications such as CIDB [PPS, IMPACT, Roof Truss Installer (Steel)], JKR (JTRUSS) and SIRIM.

Hence with the combination of the above arrangement, we are able to provide and deliver engineering solutions to individuals, commercial and government sectors throughout Malaysia.

Advantages of AmTruss System

Termite Resistant
Steel is resistant to termite attack.

Environment Friendly
Completely eliminates the use of timber and 100% recyclable and Green Building Index (GBI) compliance.

Unlike conventional timber frames, AmTruss System is made of coated steel and it’s non-combustible.

High strength to weight ratio
AmTruss System is lightweight but strong due to high yield strength (minimum 550MPa).

Design Flexibility
Multiple product dimensions and thickness of section profiles gives the builder greater flexibility in determining cost effective framing solution.

Long Lasting
55% Aluminium + Zinc Alloy Coated (GL) C-Channel sections, battens and accessories have superior durability and corrosion resistance.

The sequence from production to completion