Clipdeck 41


Concealed Clip-Locking System

Clipdeck. is a versatile long length Clip-locking system with rib height of 41mm; designed and roll-formed using Japenese Technology to suit the architects who demand for a total weatherproof roofing system.

Our concealed Clip fixing method has an advantage on low pitch design which is as low as 1.5 degrees and no fastening screws is visible; this concealed fastening system also ensures no piercing of the deck and functions as a very effective watertight roofing system.

A Total Weatherproof Roofing &Cladding Solutions

Applicable for buildings which requires a rigidity profile with combine strength and lightness.

Tolerances: length ± 10mm, Cover Width ± 4mm, Thickness ± 0.02mm

Accessories & Specification

Al sizes and shapes foroofing accessories can be custom madeot meet customers’ different designs and specifications to a maximum length of eight (8) metres.

Installation Procedure

Step 1

The first of clips must be located and fastened, one to each support, so that they will correctly engage in the female and centre ribs of the first sheet when it is located and clip over them. To do this, fasten clips to the purlins at each end of the sheet, having positioned them so that the first sheet will be in correct relation to other building element. Align and fasten the remainder of the first run of clips, using a string line or the first sheet as a straight.

Step 2

Position the first sheet longitudinally in relation to gutter overhang and locate ti over the fastened run of clips, positioning the centre rib first, and engage the centre end female rib onto all clips by foot pressure.

Step 3

Position and fasten the next run of clips, one to each support, with the short return leg of the clip over the male rib of the installed sheet.

Step 4

Place the second sheet over the second run of clips, again positioning the centre rib first. A string line stretched across the bottom alignment of the sheets can be used to check that the end of the sheets are in line.

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