Amdex, Polydeck & PolyOrb

Amdex. Polydeck. & PolyOrb.

Versatile Pre-painted Steel Roofing and Wall Cladding Products

Amcan’s trapezoidal profiles are roll-formed by Japanese Technology. Our Amdex. Bold Trapezoidal Ribbed profile and Polydeck. Trapezoidal Ribbed double through profile offer better rigidity long spanning capabilities.

This system is effective for roof and wall applications and is available to any required transportable length.

Total Roofing & Cladding Solutions

Applicable for buildings which requires a rigidity profile with combine strength and lightness.

Tolerances: length ± 10mm, Cover Width ± 4mm, Thickness ± 0.02mm

All sizes and shapes of roofing accessories can be custom made to meet customers’ different designs and specifications to a maximum length of eight (8) metres.

Amcan’s corrugated profile is roll-formed using Australian roll-forming technology for both roof and wall cladding applications. It also features a unique ability to be fixed to a natural curve of eighteen (18) metres in radius of curvature and pre-curved without unsightly crimps to a radius of eight (8) metres.

Applicable for buildings which requires a touch and versatile corrugated profile which is very common in Australia and New Zealand.

Tolerances: Length ± 10mm, Cover Width ± 4mm, Thickness ± 0.02mm

AmcanColors Series

Wide range of colour options with different functions and materials

High Performance Polyester

Super Durable Thermal Control

Super Durable 3D In Colour

Super Durable PVdF